Holistic Medicine Clinic in St. Paul

Be Well Natural Medicine is a holistic medicine clinic serving the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota since 2009. The doctors at Be Well  are clinically-trained experts in naturopathic medicine. We listen to your needs and combine natural medicines with cutting-edge research and functional medicine testing to address root causes of illness and help you embody your healthiest and happiest self. [Read more here] 

Unlock Your Nutritional Potential

Looking to improve your dietary habits to optimize health or lose weight? Interested in food intolerance testing to determine underlying causes of allergies, digestive distress or autoimmune disease? Whether you have a specific health concern or you're simply ready to up your nutritional game, the naturopathic doctors at Be Well can help.

Holistic Skin Care Program

Detox your beauty routine and love the skin you are in with our Natural Skin Care Program. Using state of the art labs to identify root causes, we work with patients struggling with acne and other skin concerns to help them find a combination of diet, supplements and natural skin care products that work well with the whole body. Dig beyond a superficial fix to decode the deeper health messages your body wants you to hear. When skin issues are healed from the inside out, your entire body benefits. [Read more here]

Bodywork and Energy Healing

Relax, unwind and find relief for stress or chronic pain with modalities like Craniosacral therapy and Reiki.

Craniosacral therapy has many benefits, including a specific role in supporting women's health and fertility. [Read more here]

Reiki Coaching Packages are available for deep level support and personal transformation through the various transitions of life. [Read more here]



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