Healthy Period Program


Did you know it’s completely possible to have a harmonious and healthy period?

It’s your right as a woman to reclaim your body so you can experience healthy hormones and a healthy period…naturally.

Women’s monthly cycles can be an excellent indicator of overall health.

Intense cramping, irregular periods, heavy flow, absent flow—these issues are often caused by underlying imbalances in your body. The good news is you have the power to shift your body back into balance! There are effective and simple ways to support healthy periods using natural medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine.

The Healthy Period Program helps women who struggle with period issues find a combination of diet and supplements that optimize, heal, and calm their bodies. The result?Pain-free periods, balanced moods, improved energy, elimination of cravings—as well as enhanced overall vitality.

Our approach is not only gentle and natural but also addresses the potential root causes of period problems. In addition to advanced functional lab testing, we draw upon our years of expertise and experience treating a wide array of hormonal and digestive disorders. We’ve helped countless patients identify underlying issues contributing to hormonal imbalance and period issues—which is the starting point for true relief!

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Here’s how it works:


The process typically starts with a thorough evaluation of your menstrual cycle, hormonal health, and overall health (past and present) as well as a discussion about current diet and medications/supplements you are currently taking or have previously tried. We also acknowledge that the mind and body are intricately connected and sometimes period problems can be related to unresolved trauma or relationship issues.


Your Be Well doctor will discuss whether or not she recommends any lab testing. Lab testing may be beneficial to pinpoint the root cause(s) of your period issues. Common lab tests we recommend:


* FOOD INTOLERANCE TESTING: to help determine the ideal diet for optimal period health and overall health. This test looks for specific foods that might be triggering inflammation which can cause painful periods, digestive distress during menstruation and premenstrual migraines among other symptoms.

* HORMONE TESTING: to look for excess or deficiency of key hormones that can influence your periods such as progesterone, estrogen, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol and thyroid hormone.

* STOOL TESTING: to assess overall digestive function and reveal any gastrointestinal imbalances that may be contributing to problem periods, such as intestinal permeability (aka “leaky gut”), parasitic infection, yeast/candida overgrowth, lack of adequate healthy flora and more.



The doctor will work with you to create a Healthy Period Plan for your body. Your plan will include nutritional recommendations and instructions about which natural medicines may be most beneficial for your hormones and body type. The doctor may also provide insights about various holistic therapies to help you move through old trauma or relationship issues and ultimately feel more at home in your body.


You’ll benefit from one-on-one visits with the same doctor each time—someone dedicated to your health, who understands your personal medical history related to your periods, fertility, and more. Follow-up visits are typically every 4-6 weeks during the first phase of treatment and will eventually occur less, once your new and healthier cycle has emerged.

During these visits your doctor will monitor your progress, review any newly completed labs, and determine if any changes to your Healthy Period Plan are needed for optimal results.

I discovered Be Well Natural Medicine after discontinuing hormonal birth control... experiencing deep cystic acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and having fertility concerns. Unfortunately, my regular OBGYN was not supportive with these issues, and they were negatively impacting my happiness and overall quality of life. I’ve been so lucky to work with Dr. Pellegrino. Her kindness, compassion, and expertise were evident from the moment I met her. She took time to get to know me as well as taking all of my concerns seriously. She quickly created a custom wellness plan, complete with thorough testing and supplement recommendations to best support my body and hormonal balance while getting to the root cause of the issues... I truly feel seen, heard, and cared for. I am happy to say that my husband and I are now expecting our first baby! Dr. Pellegrino’s support has been invaluable to me on my journey to my best self in all aspects: holistic health, balance, and my pre-conception journey.
— Current patient A.S.