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Mind-Body Energy Healing for Women

A woman who is in tune with her body and dedicated to her own well-being is a powerful form of activism because societies thrives when women and girls thrive. - Dr. Liz Orchard

A note from Dr. Orchard:

The words “me too” are more emotionally charged than ever before as our society sheds light on the fact that many women have endured experiences that have violated the essence of their womanhood.

So now what?

Healing can happen on many different levels. If you have some old wounds you are ready to heal and evolve through, I’ve got your back. As a holistic doctor with an expertise in women's health, an energy medicine practitioner and a teacher of embodied movement (Qoya), I have honed the necessary skills to thrive after trauma, including my intuition and connection to the divine feminine. I've done the deep work on myself and others and am passionate about supporting more women who wish to do the same.


What to expect in a session

At the beginning of your session we will spend a short time discussing your current life scenario and the reason you are here. 

You'll then lie down on the massage table (or a comfortable and private place in your own home for virtual sessions), fully clothed, and be guided into relaxation as the session begins. It’s a safe, gentle, relaxing, and simultaneously soul-awakening space; a mixture of Reiki, intuitive development, feminine embodiment and empowerment.

Each session differs depending on your current life scenario and what is channeled during our time together.

The healing session will create more balance and flow between your chakras. This process aligns you more fully with your best self and helps you deepen your connection to your own innate abilities for self-love and self-healing.

Reasons a woman may desire this type of energy healing session include:

  • grief or loss of a loved one

  • times of transition

  • relationship issues

  • intimacy or sexual difficulties

  • past trauma

  • a personal quest for purpose

  • a professional quest for clarity around career

  • struggles with mothering

  • struggles with expressing your needs/desires

  • a desire to manifest and create

  • a desire to be more present and grateful


Single Session: $165 (60 - 75 minutes)

Package of 3 Sessions: $450

For an appointment book online or call (612) 440-7710.