5 Signs That You Are Already Dehydrated

Coffee or Water

With all the moving we are doing this summer, whether it be to our new Saint Paul location or through exercise, one key thing that keeps us going in this summer weather is proper hydration. 

Did you know that your body is made of approximately 75-80% water?

Wow! That means during summer months it's even more important to hydrate with water because you may be losing it quickly through sweat. Some common signs that may indicate that you are already dehydrated include fatigue, thirst, headache, constipation, dizziness, and/or lightheadedness.  Because we know that water can sometimes get boring on its own, we are sharing a favorite summer recipe from our naturopathic doctors for herbal-infused water. It's super simple and wonderfully nourishing.

Herbal-Infused Water

8 c spring water
1/2 lemon, sliced
2 t. fresh rosemary
4 t. fresh mint leaves

Place lemon and herbs in a small cotton muslin bag or stainless steel herbal tea ball and place into a glass pitcher of spring water. Leave the pitcher in your refrigerator overnight. The next day, enjoy sipping your chilled herbal-infused water that is both healthy and refreshing!