Win Your Life Day: December 2nd, 2017

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Join Dr. Orchard at Win Your Life Day, a fitness-focused event hosted by The Power House at Highland.

When: December 2nd, 2017 from 10am to 3pm (but plan to arrive early)

Where: The Power House at Highland

What: 'Win Your Life' Day is an experience created to give athletes quantitative and qualitative baselines on their health and fitness, set smart goals, learn more about holistic wellness practices, and complete an awesome Breathing-CrossFit-Mobility "triathlon" set to live music. If you are committed to your workouts but have never had a FMS Screen, an InBody Test, or have calculated your V02 max (or it has been awhile), this is a great opportunity to do all those things and a ton more in one afternoon.

Space is limited to 60 people. Click here for more info and to purchase your tickets in advance.