Sports Medicine and Athletic Optimization


We work with people of all fitness levels, ranging from collegiate or professional athletes to those wanting to improve fitness and physical performance for personal gains. 

If you are a fitness-enthusiast but you've never worked with a functional medicine doctor before, you are holding yourself back from optimal performance. The rigors of training put great strain on the nutritional and hormonal systems of the body, which results in a need to counterbalance the biological stress and inflammation that come with training.

Dr. Liz Orchard and Dr. Rachel Alioto have the knowledge and resources to help people who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. The approach utilizes specialized functional medicine tests that use cutting-edge science to help uncover potential nutrient deficiencies, hormonal or metabolic imbalances, genetic polymorphisms and/or food intolerances that could be undermining even the best of athletic training regimens.

What to Expect

1) Comprehensive Assessment of Health: The process typically starts with a thorough evaluation of your overall health (past and present) as well as discussion about current diet and fitness regimen, medications/supplements you are currently taking or have previously tried, other lifestyle factors and long-term fitness goals. 

2) Lab Testing: Your doctor will discuss which labs tests would be most relevant to your specific fitness and wellness goals. The following tests are frequently recommended:

  • Micronutrient Panel ($190): This is a test that measures 35 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids in your blood, evaluating for any nutritional deficiencies. Essential nutrients are responsible for delivery of oxygen to muscles and blood cells, which is crucial to performance and competition.
  • Food Intolerance Testing ($225-$325): This test will help determine whether or not you have an intolerance to a comprehensive list of either 95 or 190 foods. Food intolerance can be a cause of hidden inflammation in the body which results in muscle soreness, fatigue and slow recovery. Other issues that can be caused by food intolerance include malabsorption/malnutrition, weight gain, and impaired immune system function.
  • CardioMetabolic Panel ($45): This test will assess your cardiovascular function and blood sugar regulation. It can also help determine whether or not you have an issue with leptin/leptin resistance which plays a role in regulating hunger and weight management.

3) Your Optimal Wellness Plan: The doctor will work with you to create an Optimal Wellness Plan unique to your body’s biochemistry. Your plan will include nutritional recommendations and instructions about which supplements might be the most beneficial for your body type and fitness goals. 

4) Follow Up Care: Follow-up visits typically take place every 4-8 weeks so that your doctor can monitor your progress, review any newly completed labs, and determine if any changes to your Optimal Wellness Plan are needed to help you reach your fitness goals. 


Please see “Naturopathic Care” for visit information and fees.

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