When you’re going through a major life transition, having a supportive and intuitive guide who just “gets it” is priceless.

Reiki is a powerfully supportive healing modality during times of major transition. It can align you more with your highest good to create more of what you need or desire.

Be Well Natural Medicine’s resident Reiki Master, Mary Schlaphoff, specializes in working with people who are ready to energetically align themselves with the changes they wish to make in their lives.

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a touch therapy that promotes stress reduction, balance, and relaxation by bringing life force energy (known as qi in Chinese or ki in Japanese) to the receiver. Regular reiki energy healing helps to balance your energy system, remove energetic blocks, and promote healing on multiple levels. This process aligns you more fully with your best self and helps you deepen your connection to your own innate abilities for self-love and self-healing.

What to expect in a session:


At the beginning of your session, you and the Reiki practitioner will spend a short time discussing the reason you’re here and what benefits you hope to receive.


You'll then lie down on a massage table, fully clothed, and be guided into relaxation as the session begins. The practitioner will lay or hover her hands over different parts of your body—your head, neck, hands, arms, back, torso, legs and feet—to channel the energy to you. She may also use clearing techniques to help remove negative energy or blocks.


Sometimes, messages or visions will be channeled to you or to the practitioner that will help you see your situation more clearly or provide you with guidance.


Each session is different depending on the person, their life scenario, and what is channeled during our time together. Sometimes, the messages or results of the session are different than expected. What you can always count on is that, no matter what happens, energy healing with Reiki acts in your highest good.

Since I started working with Mary to release my fears, I haven’t had a single sinus infection, which is miraculous. I feel more relaxed and focused than I ever have been. I’m less afraid of taking risks, have more trust in my partner and am able to let little things, that would have driven me over the edge with worry, go without a second thought. I’m happier and feel much more at peace. For me, the difference between reiki and other self-help techniques is that even a few sessions can achieve long-term results.
— K.P.

Or call us at (612) 440-7710.

Reiki Transformation

Reasons a person may desire Reiki Transformation sessions include:

  • Greater ease in times of transition such as becoming a new parent, career change, or separation/divorce

  • Gaining clarity on your next best steps forward in any area of your life

  • Support during health challenges or when seeking to overcome obstacles to improving your health and fitness

  • Support during grief or loss

  • A desire to better express your feelings, needs, and desires to yourself and others

  • Relationship, family, or parenting issues