Natural Skin Care Program

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Have you ever heard the phrase "healthy skin starts within"? The ingredients that you put in your body matter as much as, if not more than, the cleansers and cosmetics that you apply topically. 

Dr. Liz Orchard, founder of Be Well Natural Medicine, created a holistic skin care program to help patients struggling with acne find a combination of diet and supplements that work well with the whole body. The result is healthier skin as well as enhanced overall vitality. 

Her approach is not only gentle and natural but also strives to address the potential root causes of problem skin. In addition to using advanced functional lab testing, she draws upon her expertise and experience treating a wide array of hormonal and digestive disorders to help her patients identify key underlying issues that may be causing skin inflammation and acne.

What to Expect

1) Skin and Health Assessment: The process typically starts with a thorough evaluation of your skin health and overall health (past and present) as well as discussion about current diet, skin care regimen and medications/supplements you are currently taking and/or have previously tried. 

2) Lab Testing: Your doctor will discuss whether or not she recommends any lab testing to better understand the cause(s) of your skin concerns. Frequently discussed tests include:

  • Food intolerance testing: to help determine the ideal diet for your skin. This test looks for specific foods that might be triggering inflammation and breakouts.

  • Hormone testing: to look for excess or deficiency of key hormones, such as testosterone and DHEA, that can make your skin more susceptible to breakouts or cystic acne.

  • Stool testing: to assess overall digestive function and reveal any gastrointestinal imbalances that may be contributing to problem skin, such as intestinal permeability (aka “leaky gut”), parasitic infection, yeast/candida overgrowth, lack of adequate healthy flora and more.

3) Your Skin Care Plan: The doctor will work with you to create a Skin Care Plan unique to your body. Your plan will include nutritional recommendations and instructions about which natural medicines might be the most beneficial for your skin and body type. The doctor may also provide insights about your topical skin care regimen and/or make a referral to one of a few select holistic-minded estheticians in the area for expert topical advice and treatments to compliment the internal work that we do.

4) Follow Up Care: Follow-up visits are typically every 4 to 8 weeks until your new and healthier complexion has reached the surface. During these visits your doctor will to monitor your progress, review any newly completed labs, and determine if any changes to your Skin Care Plan are needed for optimal results.


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