New Year 2014: Supercharge your Goals and Desires

It's time to welcome in the New Year with freshly renewed purpose and alignment with our heart's desires.  I've been prepping for the New Year like a mad woman:

  • Setting goals with soul using Danielle LaPorte's guide "The Desire Map"
  • Prepping for the launch of our St. Paul Desire Map Book Club, which launches globally on January 7th, 2014
  • Getting ready to welcome our newest "Doctor Who Listens", Leslie Vilensky, ND (she's amazing!)
  • Fine-tuning and prioritizing projects, course offerings, retreats, and more
  • Dreaming BIG (think annual business trips to warm tropical destinations)
  • Keeping up with the daily to-do list that comes with being a doctor, mom, partner, friend, mentor, woman.

All of the beautiful visions dancing in my head gave me a sense of fullness, pride, joy, and passion.  But after a few days of being up to my ears in them, I realized my goals were actually starting to give me a tension headache and insomnia.

I was clinging.  After all, I had worked so hard to create such lovely goals, now I wanted them with urgency.  The mental and physical tension created by my attachment was beginning to suck all my time and energy, leaving no room for, well, LIFE to happen.

So, instead of continuing to cling to my goals and desires (I was squeezing the life out of them), I loosened my grip and released them (see my list below for ways to release), which allowed me the energy and flexibility to let life happen again.  I could breathe deeply, sleep soundly, remember to eat healthy balanced meals, drink plenty of water, dance, and enjoy myself more.  The way to supercharge my goals and desires was to nourish myself in the present moment.  Thus I learned that the "release phase" is just as important as the "planning phase".

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  • Dance, yoga, run - whatever it takes to build enough heat in your body that you literally sweat.  Use that energy and heat to release your desires and create room for the New Year and all it has in store for you.  Check out my New Year's Playlist on Facebook, created to inspire you to move and release.
  • Write your desires/dreams on tiny pieces of paper and burn them (safely, please).  Whether it's a raging bonfire with a group of friends or cozying up to your fireplace with a furry-friend is entirely up to you.
  • Create a "quiet" space for transformation to take place - this doesn't mean sit somewhere quiet and then think incessantly, it means quiet your mind.  Meditation, getting a massage or acupuncture, and spending time in nature are my favorite ways to do this.
  • Practice gratitude.  Give yourself permission to enjoy what you have in THIS MOMENT.  Regarding the future, sometimes what we receive is far better than what we could have ever imagined for ourselves.

For more encouragement, support, and guidance as you begin your personal transformation this New Year - would you like to lose weight, eat healthier, reduce stress -  whatever your goal, I invite you to work with me as your naturopathic doctor and guide.  I can help you transform your BODY, MIND, & SPIRIT using naturopathic medicine, the power of truly listening, and the gift of being present.

With peace and joy ~

Dr. Liz Orchard